What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

If fear wasn’t holding you back?

I feel that ‘letting go of fear’ is somewhat essential to the world’s well-being. Fear of failure, fear of what people might think, fear of what might happen if things don’t work out how you wanted etc is holding us all back from being the best we can be. From living full lives instead of mediocre lives filled with depression and what-ifs. Dream BIG. And then take the small steps that makes it possible for those dreams to come true.

This is the time for us to move forward, be proud of our achievements (be they big or small) and support each other with love, knowledge, friendship and encouragement. F*&% fear. Let us all build each other up. Dream big and share those dreams. Work towards your dreams.

Listen to your heart. Do not let fear hold you back. Give thought to what is it you would do if you knew you wouldn’t fail. Write those thoughts down. Make a list of manifestations. Believe in yourself.

Remember that these dreams are personal. We don’t all have the same goals. You might find that you are a woman who wants to lean in to power and lead people to do great things. Go for it. Take the small steps. Be a leader. Leader of your kid’s play group but with an aim for presidency of your country. Keep working away at your dream and believe in yourself. Maybe you’ve always wanted to sail around the world, so it’s time you learnt to swim or sail a dinghy. Perhaps you want to be a teacher, so you can start volunteering in a school in your spare time.

Whatever your dreams are it is possible to take small steps towards your goal. As your confidence grows you will take bigger steps and before you know it you will find yourself at the end destination, having enjoyed the journey and probably dreaming up new ideas/adventures/challenges.

Please remember to give yourself credit for what you’ve already done, what you’ve already achieved. Sometimes managing to get dressed is as big an achievement as getting a degree. Everything is relative. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself.

We need people who are unafraid in this world. People who believe in themselves. People who believe in each other!

So, what would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?


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