Running keeps me sane – returning to exercise after a mild traumatic brain injury

It’s been an intense journey, healing from my fractured forehead. I’m quite an active person; always running, surfing, skiing and enjoying nature. I’ve sure had to take a step back and literally do nothing. Doing nothing sounds quite fun for a while, right? Trust me, it’s not. I NEED my exercise. I NEED my endorphins. I’ve got a pretty stressfull life and exercise keeps me sane. My neuropsychologist wrote in his report that risk factors pertaining to my case were three children, work and a child with extra challenges. Pa haha! The concussion physiotherapist wrote in capital letters that I needed to delegate. Pa haha!

Anyway, my nothing has translated into no running or surfing, but still managing our home with three kids under 8, a soccer team and a child with anxiety. I think, the doing nothing sent me into a greater tail spin than my crazy heart rate and exploding-feeling eye! Although running and surfing tires me out, it also gives me an energy boost. I get time to process my life and thoughts whilst listening to music and/or my breathing and pounding heart. It heals me in a way I can’t quite explain.

So I’ve started slowly. I’ve been going for walks. But not as often as I’d like. Lately I’ve made an conscious effort to schedule in more walks. I’ve been running around with the kids’ soccer team again plus doing the 7 minute work out. I’ve bounced on the trampoline. I’ve had a surf. I’ve been skiing and hiking up the mountain. I aim for 10000 steps every day, which the kids are loving being a part of. Sometimes we manage 15000 steps. Last but not least I’VE BEEN RUNNING!

Yes, I’m running again. Alas, it’s not half marathon training or regular 10k’s. It’s 15 second intervals of running and walking for 10 minutes with a 5 minute walking warm up and a 5 minute walking cool down. It feels wonderful and manageable. But really really tiring. I should improve after a few weeks though. Maybe I’ll get to run that half marathon eventually…


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