Fractured Skull – Restructured Life

It’s been three months since I fractured my forehead. It’s been an incredible challenge. I’ve really had to slow down and look at this post concussion syndrome as an opportunity, rather than an obstacle Head Injury – Living with Post Concussion Syndrome. I had grand intentions of this being my chance to put into practice some of the things I find a challenge A Different Perspective can be a NEW BEGINNING! like relaxing, meditating, napping, giving myself permission to take it easy etc. However, there’s been no yoga class, no pilates, no extra mindfulness, no naps, no extra time for myself.

There’s been so much frustration at my body being slow to heal, at my eye feeling like it’s going to explode, at my headaches when I do too much, at people talking to me, at people making demands on me, at coffee making my body jitter, at friends being offended by me and just generally with myself and all the thoughts I have about how things ‘should be.’

It turns out that this fractured head of mine is an opportunity for me to restructure my life. I am who I am. Take it or leave it. I don’t need people in my life who are offended by me when I make an easy mistake. I don’t need to attend parties and functions where I don’t feel safe and secure. I don’t need the money I could earn at work, when my whole being aches to be there for my children and I’ve no energy to do both. I don’t need the exercise class, when my body sings when I sign up for an art class.

What I need is warm ugg boots, good coffee (even if it makes me jitter), friends who don’t care if I’ve worn the same clothes all week, surfing, walks in nature, my beautiful children, my husband, my duvet, skiing, pinot noir (even if it makes my brain heal slower) and really whatever else takes my fancy and makes me happy.

It would be nice if my eye could stop feeling like it’s gonna explode…

I hope you enjoy my dragon puppet :o)




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