Thank you for your concern – totally misplaced, but thanks

When my child is having a severe panic attack in public. Crying, pulling her hair, stomping, growling and generally completely freaking out and I’ve been trying to diffuse it for twenty minutes and I look exasperated and completely broken with tears in my eyes IT IS NOT THE TIME TO GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS. At the time I just glossed over it. I’m too exhausted and tired to explain what’s going on. I really appreciate your concern. I really appreciate that you think you’ve got a solution. But I truely am not ready to listen or take anything on board, when I’m struggling to hold it together and not just break down and cry. I had someone else’s child with me too. I had to keep it together. I was feeling stressed I couldn’t convince my child to believe the icecream in her hand was hers. I was beyond sad. Yes, you’re right I probably should have let Mie order and pay for her own icecream and I’m sure she would have f@£king eaten it if I had sung her a ballad about icecream. Yes, I should probably learn more about virtues. But I am completely spent. I did everything I could. I mean, we were kinda doomed from the get go as there was a new barrista in the coffee shop. I knew it would be stressful for Mie to order her own icecream. How could I expect her to talk to a stranger? Why am I even explaining myself. I just feel so alone right now, so judged. You, whoever you all are, don’t know what it’s like to spend half an hour convincing your child to put her shoes on, then her clothes, then grab her bag, then do whatever it is that needs doing. I’m running on empty. I’m sure there are many things I can do to help my child that I’m not doing. I’m sure there is. I sure hope there is. Because I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Especially when it feels like the world thinks I’m doing everything wrong!


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